MXL Warranty Policies

Marshall/MXL is committed to ensuring that customers have the best possible experience with our products. MXL microphones are manufactured to very strict quality control guidelines and are designed to give you years of trouble-free service. MXL warranties vary by product. Be sure to check the owner's manual for warranty information on your particular product.

Should you experience any problems with an MXL product, click here to review our FAQ section. Oftentimes, issues can be resolved with a few simple steps. If you still experience problems, click here to create a new support ticket and a support team member will contact you within a few days. There are some precautions you can take to ensure the warranty process goes smoothly. Double your warranty period for FREE! Click here to register your product online

Keep Your Receipt!

The original dated sales receipt will be necessary for any warranty claim. Do not send any unit directly to us without prior authorization from our service department! Warranty coverage is limited to repair or replacement (at our option) of the microphone, and does not cover incidental damages due to use of the unit, nor damage caused by accidental misuse of the product.

Purchase MXL Products from Authorized MXL Retailers!

MXL microphones are sold by a network of authorized retailers, both traditional and online. MXL dealers are selected for their knowledge and ability to provide the service required in providing professional products. Our warranties are only valid when accompanied by an original sales receipt from an MXL authorized dealer.

Because MXL cannot guarantee that product purchased from unauthorized dealers or websites is genuine, new and/or fit for purchase, MXL does NOT offer any manufacturer's warranty or rebates for products purchased from a dealer that is not authorized by MXL.

Always check that the seller is an authorized MXL dealer, especially if you are purchasing product online. If you are unsure of the authenticity of a dealer, please email or call MXL Customer Service at (800) 800-6608 or (310) 333-0606 (outside the US) and we will confirm the status of the dealer.

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