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MXL Microphones is the Professional Audio division of Marshall Electronics, a privately owned company specializing in industrial and consumer electronics. Marshall Electronics was founded in 1980 by Leonard Marshall, who owns and operates the company today, and his keen interest in microphones was the driving force behind the establishment of MXL Microphones.

Leonard Marshall was an electrical engineer in the early 1980s when he was introduced to audio and video cables made by a company based in Japan known as Mogami Cable. The audio cable was developed by Mogami's chief scientist and a Japanese university to show how material structure can improve sound. Marshall brought samples back to the U.S. and the clean, transparent sound quickly became the industry standard in professional recording studios. In 1985, Marshall began manufacturing cable assemblies with Mogami cable and high quality connectors. Today, Marshall Electronics is the leading Mogami distributor globally.

With his cable company established and growing, Marshall turned his attention to cameras and specialty lenses. Marshall was first to market with flat screen LCD monitor rack systems for television studios in 1995. Then in 1998, the first MXL branded microphone was launched.

The goal of MXL has been to employ innovative technology and design to manufacture high quality microphones at an affordable price. Years of research and development led to the launch of the MXL 2001 microphone introduced in 1998, followed by the MXL 2003 microphone in 1999. MXL developed and patented the innovative warm to bright switch found only in the MXL Genesis II, V67i Tube, and V67i. Taking advantage of Mogami's high sound quality, nearly all MXL microphones are internally wired with Mogami cable. MXL has grown to include microphones widely used in recording studios, live performance, broadcast, video conferencing, house of worship, court reporting, and video gaming.

MXL's headquarters, research and development center, and production operations are located within the Marshall Electronics facility in Torrance, California. MXL operates manufacturing facilities in the US, China, Japan, Korea and Russia.

MXL Microphones

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