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MXL at NAMM 2014 Recap

Product Showcase: MXL Mobile Media Series
Regional Musician, Feb. 2014
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MXL Showcases 20th Anniversary Mic
Upbeat Daily, Jan. 2014
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MXL CR77 Dynamic Microphone
MixOnline.com, January 24, 2014
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MXL Intros Mic, Cables

Prosound Network, Jan. 24, 2014
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Winter NAMM 2014: MXL Unveils Comprehensive Line Of Professional Grade Microphones for Mobile Devices
Xombiewoof, Jan. 20, 2014
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Overview of MXL Mobile Media Mics

From the 2014 NAMM Show

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We are proud to announce that the MXL Mobile Media Series won ProSound Network's prestigious Best of Show at the NAMM Show! In addition, we unveiled new and limited edition microphones and our new Sound Runner cables. Look for these new products in stores in the next few months.

Best of Show: Mobile Media Series
The Mobile Media Series is the sound solution for mobile recording using smartphones and tablets! Click on our interview below with MXL artist Salo Loyo to listen to the audio quality of the MM-130 Handheld Microphone.

SALO Interviwew NAMM with MM-130
The very popular MM-VE001Videographer's Essentials Kit is available now. The MM-130 Handheld Mic will be available in February, followed by the MM-110 Meeting Mic in March. Four additional models are planned to suit any mobile recording need. Everyone owns a smartphone and now everyone can enjoy great audio quality with the Mobile Media Series!

Special Edition 20th Anniversary Microphones
Anniversary microphonesTo commemorate MXL's 20th year, the Genesis, the R144 and the mic that started it all, the 2001, are all being released in classic pearl white with gold grills and trim.These highly anticipated mics drew a lot of attention at the NAMM Show. Only a limited run of the Genesis-SE, R144-SE, and 2001-SE will be produced. Look for these special edition mics in stores this spring.

CR Series: Complete the Set
CR Series a complete setAdd the CR77 Dynamic Mic, the upcoming CR20 Versatile Condenser Mic, and the CR21 Pair to your CR collection. The CR77 combines great sound with stage presence - a must for live performers. The CR20 will have a "tube switch" that changes its tonality, making it great for different genres of music. The CR21 Pair are the instrument microphones every musician needs. The CR20 and CR21 will also be available as a bundle.

LSM-3 Dynamic Stage Microphone
The LSM-3 is a switchless handheld stage mic that delivers detailed sound, song after song.

Sound Runner by MXL Cable
MXL introduces Sound Runner by MXL finished cable for instruments and microphones. Due to the popularity of Sound Runner bulk speaker cable, MXL has created finished cable that offers excellent performance and value, just like you expect from MXL. Sound Runner will be available this spring.

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