MXL Multimedia mobile phone mount kit solution for Video recording that helps deliver great audio sound

MXL MM-CM001 Mobile Media Camera Mount Kit


Mount Kit for Mobile Devices

The MXL CM001 smart phone mount kit turns virtually any mobile device or DSLR camera into a video recorder with better handheld stability and room to attach accessories. The kit consists of a bracket with two cold shoe mounts, a fully adjustable mobile phone holder, and a swivel ball head. The bracket gives you a secure hold on your phone without your hand getting into the shot. Mount a microphone or light and a camera-top monitor onto the bracket to record more professional videos. The mobile phone holder adjusts to accommodate any mobile phone and most cameras.

Application Use
Student films, journalism, depositions, interviews, home videos, etc.

  • Adjustable video recording kit for mobile phones and cameras
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones
  • 2 cold shoe mounts for optional microphone and/or camera top monitor
  • Handheld or tripod mountable

Included Accessories
Ball head
adjustable mobile phone holder  
Ball head
Mobile Phone Holder

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