The MXL MM-170 is a gooseneck microphone for mobile devices that creates outstanding sound quality to conference recordings via your iphone or android phone or mobile tablet devices.

MXL MM-170

Gooseneck Conference Microphone for Mobile Devices

The MXL MM-170 is a high quality gooseneck microphone designed to provide the highest level of intelligibility, even with the most demanding mobile conferencing applications. Featuring solid metal construction and a 15-inch fully flexible gooseneck, the MXL MM-170 makes mobile conferencing situations simple, yet elegant.
  • Adjustable 15" gooseneck
  • Headphone jack for playback or real time monitoring (dependent on app)
  • Compatible with most mobile devices with a 3.5mm input
  • Records clear audio from an individual user
  • Perfect for dictation, depositions, podcasts, and voiceovers
  • Includes 6' cable
  • Owners Manual
MXL MM-170 Microphone

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