MXL microphones bring outstanding sound to live performances, on vocals, instruments and percussion. We offer handheld condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones that bring the best out of concerts on any stage.

POP LSM-9 - Live Performance
The new MXL POP LSM-9 is a brightly-colored dynamic vocal mic, designed to give on-stage performers an eye-catching handheld microphone that cancels vibrations and minimizes handling noise for a clean, clear performance.

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MXL DX-2 Dual Capsule Variable Dynamic Microphone
Dual Capsule Variable DynamicMXL DX-2 is a side address microphone with signature flat-face design allows for optimal placement directly in front of guitar speaker cabinets
MXL 770X - Dynamic Stage Vocal Microphone
Dynamic Stage Vocal MicrophoneThe MXL CR77 is a dynamic stage microphone that melds vintage style with modern design elements both inside and out.
MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone
MXL R144
Ribbon MicrophoneThe MXL R144 microphone has a figure-8 polar pattern which is perfect for recording guitars, vocals, brass, and any source material that benefits from the warm, silky characteristics of a ribbon mic.
MXL 603
MXL 603
Microphone Pair

The MXL V67N - small diaphragm instrument microphone provides just the right amount of power, presence and clarity for guitars, drums, piano, and more.
Small Diaphragm
Instrument Microphone
Small Diaphragm Instrument Microphone
MXL 606
Small Diaphragm
Instrument Microphone

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