The PA-5K PRO contains one A-55 Kicker Kick Drum Mic, two A-5t Tom Mics, the CR21 Instrument mic pair and 606 Small Diaphragm Condenser mic and serves as a complete percussion recording solution in a box.


6-Piece Drum Microphone Ensemble

MXL 5-Piece Drum Microphone Plus kit

The MXL PA-5K Pro 6-piece drum microphone kit is a complete solution for recording and live performances and includes 6 microphones optimized for producing a clean and articulate reproduction of drums and percussion. The kit features one A-55 Kicker Dynamic Kick Drum mic to capture the deep bass and punch while keeping a clean and clear sound for the fast attacks of a kick drum. Two A-5 Dynamic Tom mics complement the warm timbre of toms without low-end distortion. The 606 Small Diaphragm condenser captures detailed mid through upper frequency ranges found in hi-hats and snare overtones. Add two CR-21 Instrument pencil mics to place overhead, effectively capturing the cymbals and the overall kit sound. This magnificent group of mics all have metal bodies to protect against impact. Stand and rim-mount clips for each microphone are included. The MXL PA-5K Pro is a custom assembled package designed to excel for all your live and recording drum and percussion needs.


  • The A-55 Dynamic Kick Drum Mic captures the deep bass and low-end punch while maintaining clean and clear pickup for fast attacks on kick drum
  • The A-5t Dynamic Tom Mics complement the warm notes of toms without low-end distortion
  • The CR21 Pair effectively produce clean, articulate sound when placed as drum overheads
  • The 606 Small Diaphragm Condenser captures excellent detail in the midrange and top-end for high-hats and snares
  • Heavy-duty all-metal body construction protects against impact and noise
  • Stand and rim-mount clips included for all microphones

Polar Patterns:
A5t Tom Mic
A5t Polar Pattern
  • High SPL cardioid microphone with warmth and punch
  • Designed to capture drums and percussion without low end distortion
  • All metal body protects against impact and noise
A-55 Kicker
A-55 kicker Polar Pattern
  • Heavy duty construction for extra durability
  • Tuned specifically for kick drums and other
  • low-frequency applications such as bass guitar amps
  • Designed to pinpoint the best sound while minimizing bleed from the rest of the drum kit
  • Compact design that makes placement easy
CR21 Instrument
CR21 Instrument Polar Pattern
  • Transformerless preamp for low noise and distortion
  • Small-diaphragm capsule that captures extra detail
  • Fast transient response for extra accuracy
606 Small Diaphragm Instrument Microphone
606 Small Diaphragm
Instrument Microphone
  • Small-diaphragm instrument mic with a warm, detailed sound
  • Transformerless FET circuitry for clean, clear recordings
  • Bass roll-off and attenuator for custom tailoring to any recording situation
  • Excellent midrange and top end detail
  • Ideal for percussion, acoustic guitars and pianos
Included Accessories
USB microphone cable
Hard mount for mic stand
Two Rim mount clips for
A-5t Tom Mics
MXL 606 Mic Case
Aluminum Carrying Case
Hard-Mount mic stand adapters for CR21 Instrument Mic Pair

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