The PA-5K PLUS 5-piece set provides an essential selection of microphones that will serve as the core for any great percussion recording setup.

PA-5K Plus

MXL 5-Piece Drum Microphone Plus kit

5-Piece Drum Microphone Ensemble

The MXL PA-5K Plus 5-piece drum microphone kit is a custom assembled solution for recording and live performances and includes 5 microphones optimized for producing a clean and articulate reproduction of drums and percussion. The kit features one A-55 Kicker Dynamic Kick Drum mic to capture the deep bass and punch while keeping a clean and clear sound for the fast attacks of a kick drum. Two A-5 Dynamic Tom mics complement the warm timbre of toms without low-end distortion. Add two CR-21 Instrument pencil mics effectively capturing the cymbals and the overall kit sound. This magnificent group of mics all have metal bodies to protect against impact. Stand and rim-mount clips for each microphone are included. The MXL PA-5K Plus is a portable package designed to excel for all your live and recording drum and percussion needs.


  • Set includes one A-55 Kicker Dynamic Kick Drum Mic, two A-5t Dynamic Tom Mics and the CR21 Instrument Microphone Pair
  • Set includes one A-55 Kicker Dynamic Kick Drum Mic, two A-5t Dynamic Tom Mics and two CR21 Instrument Microphones
  • The A-55 Dynamic Kick Drum Mic captures the deep bass and low-end punch while maintaining clean and clear pickup for fast attacks
  • The A-5t Dynamic Tom Mics complement the warm notes of toms without low-end distortion
  • The CR21 Pair produce a clean and articulate sound for hi hats and cymbals
  • Heavy-duty all-metal body construction protects against impact
  • Stand and rim-mount clips are included

Polar Patterns:
A5t Tom Mic
A5t Polar Pattern
  • High SPL cardioid microphone designed to capture warmth and punch of toms
  • Optimized for drums and percussion, resists low end distortion
  • All metal body protects against impact and noise
A-55 Kicker
A-55 kicker Polar Pattern
  • Designed specifically for kick drums
  • Pinpoints the best sound while minimizing bleed from the rest of the drum kit
  • Compact design that makes placement easy
  • Heavy duty construction for extra durability
CR21 Instrument
A-55 kicker Polar Pattern
  • Small-diaphragm capsule captures clean, articulate sound with extra detail
  • Fast transient response for extra accuracy to pick up every scintillating detail
Included Accessories
USB microphone cable
Hard mount for mic stand
Two Rim mount clips for
A-5t Tom Mics
Hard-Mount mic stand adapters for CR21 Instrument Mic Pair

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