Web Conferencing

MXL Microphones offers many solutions for corporate communication settings, harnessing the same advanced internal components used in the studio mics, to make great-sounding products that work seamlessly with soft codec communication systems like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and more. MXL Microphones conferencing microphones come in long gooseneck designs, as well as flat boundary microphones, that can be linked together for large conference room settings. MXL web conferencing mics are also USB-powered with simple plug-and-play connectivity.

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Musical Line

MXL Microphones has for over 30 years been in the business of producing high-quality studio microphones that deliver amazing sound performance and cover a diverse range of musical applications. Whether it's recording intimate vocals, tracking loud screaming guitars, or live-miking horns and percussion, MXL will have the right microphone for the job. Browse through our selection of mics that range from traditional vintage-style tube microphones, to multi-pattern condenser mics, to live stage dynamic mics, instrument mics, and ribbon mics as well.

MXL also has a large selection of mic accessories available including pop filters (both mesh and metal screen), mic stands, shockmounts, and power supplies.

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Live Performance

MXL Microphones has a variety of different microphones designed for live stage use. Whether it’s for instruments or vocals MXL has the right mic for you. From handheld dynamic microphones to mics designed for snare drums, and even a mic made for guitar amps, MXL’s live stage mics will impress with their superior sound and durable, long-lasting build.

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MXL has focused its efforts on the rapidly growing podcasting and video-enabled live streaming revolution that is seeing more and more young creatives broadcasting their content live online. To respond to this, MXL has created several products specifically catered to this market. By combining these products into all-in-one solution bundles, MXL is making it easier than ever for individuals and small groups to create high-quality broadcasts.

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