sound runner logoSound Runner by MXL is a full line of packaged cable for musicians and performers. It's made with the same attention to detail and quality as trusted Sound Runner speaker cable, made by Marshall Electronics since 1996. Now part of the MXL family, Sound Runner microphone cable and instrument cable continue to offer artists a sound choice at an affordable price.

Instrument Cable

Professional Instrument CableDesigned for musicians, Sound Runner Cable has a spiral shield for excellent noise rejection. The wide frequency response is true to the tone of each instrument. The vintage braided textile covering is both durable and attractive.
  • Designed for ruggedness and high performance
  • Spiral shield for RFI, EMI, and hum noise rejection
  • Tangle resistant ruggedized textile covering
  • Excellent strength and flexibility
  • Clear, present tone
  • Available Sizes: 10ft., 18ft., 25ft.
Vintage braided instrument professional cable
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Microphone Cable

Professional Instrument CableSound Runner Microphone Cable delivers accurate sound with 95% coverage copper braid shield to block out any unwanted noise. It's made with high conductivity copper and offers a wide, accurate frequency response so the audio signal coming out sounds just as good as the audio signal going in.
  • Designed for ruggedness and high performance
  • 95% coverage copper braid shield
  • High cancellation of noise - both RFI and hum
  • Wide, accurate frequency response
  • OFC High Conductivity Copper
  • Available Sizes: 3ft., 6ft., 10ft., 25ft.
professional microphone cable with OFC high conductivity copper
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