MXL InfoComm Orlando

MXL Mics Accelerates UCC Momentum Following InfoComm19

InfoComm 2019 showcased MXL’s continued growth in forging collaborations with cutting-edge UCC tech companies, while its latest compact USB microphone garnered new interest in telemedicine and e-learning applications.

The 2019 InfoComm Show in Orlando, Fla., this past June reportedly set an all-time attendance record, with 44,129 total attendees making their way up and down the aisles over the three-day event.

MXL Microphones had a whole new look and feel to the booth this year to kickstart its ambitious goals for the unified communication and collaboration (UCC) space. After riding in on the success of the AC-360-Z web conferencing mic, which debuted at last year’s InfoComm and went on to win many industry awards, MXL kept up the pace by introducing a brand-new collection of products that provide high-quality solutions for UCC.

MXL Urben Panel
The all-in-one UCC panel from Urben Tech, featuring MXL’s new dual camera/microphone solution at the top.

Starting with the sleek all-in-one UCC panel solution from Urben Tech. The 5’7” x 4’5” panel featured a 55” touch-screen display from DTEN, that could be used as a white board and monitor for collaboration work, and the top of the panel featured MXL’s upcoming dual 4K camera / AC-404 microphone solution for all-in-one video and sound capture.

The Urben design created a lot of traffic in the MXL booth, with many eager to see how it worked, while many others were intrigued by the new MXL AC-44 Microphone, a compact USB mic with an extra-small footprint and large sound capture coverage.

MXL AC-44 Best of Show Award at InfoComm19
The MXL AC-44 won a Best of Show Award from AV Technology Magazine.

The AC-44 utilizes the same internal design as the popular MXL AC-404 Microphone, but it has a smaller form factor to make it easier to integrate into new UCC systems, such as telemedicine carts and e-learning stations. It was also awarded a Best of Show Award from AV Technology Magazine at the show.

The analog three-capsule design in the AC-44 allows for pristine audio capture and remarkable speech intelligibility. Many integrators spoke about how the AC-44 would be perfect for telemedicine carts, which have a small monitor, camera, and microphone, along with other medical equipment, and are wheeled to patients for remote appointments with doctors in different locations. The small design and incredible sound capture of the AC-44 makes it an ideal solution for these mobile UCC applications, and its auxiliary, 1/8” line level output enables it to be easily integrated with many different systems and equipment.

The other big news for MXL at the show was the continuation of the popular AC-360-Z line. MXL introduced a new AC-360 “Universal” option that will feature the same great performance as the AC-360-Z, but will now be fully optimized to work with the majority of other video conferencing software on the market, like GoToMeeting, Skype+Teams, Lifesize, and more.

AC-360 Universal
MXL AC-360

The MXL AC-360 uses twelve internal microphone capsules, divided into four quadrants, to ensure 360° of perfect speech intelligibility within a 25-ft radius. The AC-360 is USB-powered with daisy-chain ability and is compatible with any Mac or PC device through simple plug-and-play connectivity, without needing to download any drivers. Each quadrant of the AC-360 also acts as an independent device for optimal performance and fidelity.

With a Dante version on the horizon, the AC-360-D, MXL will soon be able to offer its patented 12 capsule, four quadrant design to the entirety of the UCC marketplace. Enabling easy-to-use sound capture that works seamlessly with any video web conferencing setup.

MXL at Infocomm 2019

Thanks to everyone who came by the booth and we’ll see you at the next show!

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