MXL Launches The “Color Your Sound” POP Mic Instant Rebate

The new promotion aims to support live music and encourages more musicians to get up on stage to play and sing what’s in their hearts and share it for others to enjoy.

The MXL “Color Your Sound” promotion kicks off with a 15% Rebate on the MXL LSM-9 POP Mic, that comes in four bright colors for stage performers who want to match their favorite instrument look, lipstick shade,  or hair hue; or who just want to have a fun, bright microphone on stage that sounds great.

By offering 15% instant savings, the MXL POP LSM-9 rebate will help out eager musicians who want to get up on stage and belt out their songs with this bright-colored dynamic mic. (*Deal lasts through the end of May)

The POP LSM-9 is a premium dynamic live stage mic that not only has a colorful look, but also delivers a great sound. With active vibration cancellation and all-metal construction, the POP LSM-9 delivers phenomenal sound performance with no handling noise and is built to last.

Available in four colors: blue, magenta, yellow, and green

Participating Rebate Dealers (click logo to go to product listing):