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MXL Creates New Interactive Mic Application Chart For MXLMics.Com

If you want a quick guide on how best to use each of MXL’s wide array of high-quality microphones, check this out.

Early this summer MXL Microphones unveiled its new MXL Mic Application Chart, which allows you to click on different uses for microphones and see which MXL Mics are designed specifically for that job. You can click on “Vocals” and see the range of MXL Mics that have been built to cater to singers. Click on “Percussion” and you’ll see how each mic handles different kinds of drums, segmenting into snare, kick, toms, cymbals, and room.

MXL Mic Application Chart Header

MXL’s National Sales Manager Steve Curto was the impetus behind the creation of the new chart, saying about its function, “The number one question someone considers when buying a microphone is, ‘What is it going to be used for,’” says Curto. “Many times, the description associated with a mic gives a good explanation of its features but not necessarily of its best applications and uses.”

“The MXL Mic Application Chart helps you sort through our large collection of mics and look at the intended uses of each, so you can focus in on the right mic for the right recording.” – Steve Curto, MXL National Sales Manager

For each mic, there is a recommended application and secondary application, where users can branch out and see how mics that were primarily designed for recording one sound, might also be well-suited for recording another. Take for example the Genesis Tube Mic [below], MXL’s flagship, highest-caliber microphone.

MXL Genesis Tub Mic

Designed for vocals, the Genesis can make even the softest voices sound like a warmed-up seasoned crooner, but it actually does surprisingly well miking a kick drum too. Adding some real punch to the track if you get the level just right.

The MXL DX-2 [below] is a standout of course, for recording and live-miking an electric guitar cab, but did you know the MXL R144 Ribbon Mic also works great on amps? With its mellow high-end, the R144 actually makes for a softer sound on cabs with a lot of “crunch.”

MXL DX-2 Dual Capsule Variable Dynamic Microphone



Take a listen below to the R144 below:

Click here to check out the MXL Mic Application Chart.

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