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"Our old manager had a pair of 603's that he donated to the studio. They've been used (and abused), taken on full national runs with Shinobi Ninja, paired with every preamp I own and STILL sound good on any of them! Mackie, Mbox, Duet, API, Neve, Focusrite, UA, Purple Audio, Avalon, Daking etc. They give incredible images of guitars, drums, percussion, Wurlitzers (especially Wurlitzers!!!!), and grand pianos. They're musical and balanced, with a raised plateau in 10k and only the useful air bands, which gives way to natural, open tones as a single use or as an expertly matched stereo pair. This kind of description is usually reserved for microphones in an exclusive price bracket and it was surprising to find that they exist in the character of the 603 which, in the end, is poetic lip service to their development and production. All gear woof woof and comparisons aside, sometimes you just want to plug in a pair of mics and forget about all of the science. I can do that with my 603's!"
Kid Shreddi: Lead Guitar - Shinobi Ninja

Shinobi Ninja is a genre-twisting band with an explosive live show from Brooklyn, NY. Formed in 2008 by friends and colleagues, the group's six diverse characters create a unique sound as they mash-up Pop, Hip-Hop, Metal and Punk. With their music and DIY ethic, they've since developed into a national rock act with a grassroots following built from non-stop touring, recording, and social networking.

In 2010, after a year and a half of playing live and recording in New York, the band released "Shinobi Ninja Attacks"; a first of its kind video game album app that rewarded users with a soundtrack download after winning or checking-in via GPS at a live show. Selling over 15K copies on the iTunes store, the project's success spawned the album app generation, launched Shinobi into the blogosphere, and to the east and west coasts on national tours.

With the momentum of the app's success and two years of touring under their belt, the band released its first album, "Rock Hood", in June 2011 to critical acclaim. The title track landed on the NBA 2K12 soundtrack and propelled the band to headline sets at festivals such as SXSW and Warped Tour.

In June 2013, Shinobi Ninja began releasing singles and touring in support of their double album, Escape From New York / Return From.... By the end of the year, the band had self-produced a music video for every song on EFNY and continued their string of headlining gigs. In January 2015, they released a freestyle album, Artistic Visions, and the following month were featured in the second season of Comedy Central's Broad City.

Shinobi Ninja's fiery, independent path continues to be blazed, playing tour dates nationwide and working on new projects.

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