MXL DX-2 - is the first dual capsule dynamic microphone that allows you to tailor the sound from one capsule to the other and all points in between, so that you can easily customize your sound. The front end of the microphone is a flat-faced, side-address design which places the microphone capsules close to the sound for optimal pickup, while the opposite side has the crossfade knob, making adjustments a breeze. Capsule one's super cardioid large capsule design captures the warmth and fullness of your instrument while Capsule two's cardioid small capsule offers superb mid range and high end detail.

Selecting the right microphone for the job is an acquired art, and there's no right or wrong way to do it. But to help get you started, we've compiled a quick guide of suggested applications for our range of MXL Mics, showing you which ones work best for recording different kinds of instruments. Whether you're recording a jazz vocalist in the studio or miking a guitar amp on stage, MXL has a mic guaranteed to capture the sound you're looking for.

MXL AC-404 White - is a high quality capsule microphone that dramatically improves voice quality on conference calls. Ideal for people who rely on free or subscription internet conferencing services such as Skype™, the AC-404 conference mic uses boundary microphone technology and built-in custom circuitry to produce smooth, quiet, and professional sounding conferences, no matter where you are.

MXL 770X - is a Multipattern Vocal Condenser Microphone Package offers flexibility & performance for the studio in an all-in-one recording bundle. The 770X builds on the success and versatility of the popular MXL 770 with an upgraded large diaphragm gold-sputtered capsule in 3 switch-selectable polar patterns: cardioid, figure eight, and omni-directional. This multipattern design allows the user to optimize the 770X for recording vocals, instruments, and all your recording needs. The 770X package includes the 770X Multipattern Condenser Microphone, shock mount with integrated pop-filter, balanced XLR cable, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

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